Cliff where you get beautiful sunset view

Last Weekend we went for trekking to Syntung village located in Mawkynrew Tehsil of East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. Besides being a fashion enthusiast ,I’m also a wanderlust who loves to seek peace in between hills and valleys.This time we decided to go to Wah Rashi Falls also known as Haven of waterfall which is in Syntung Village formed by 9 waterfalls as per the information gathered however we managed to explored only 6 waterfalls .
The trek wasn’t that long ,just hundred steps down ,you get the first waterfall and after few patches more the next and so on..


We left  the main city (Police bazaar ) at around 7 in the morning and we reach there around 12 pm,It took us quite long because the road was  improper plus we were travelling by bus and the funny part was even the driver din’t knew the place ,so we had to asked the villagers after reaching few miles as there were many lane which are Two-Lane Route so it was quite confusing but the villagers were so kind ,helpful and welcoming with smile on their face.The villagers also mention that  for camping its 300/- INR per night.You will  also find  a life jacket there in case you are not a swimmer.

The 4th waterfall

After reaching there we were so mesmerized by its beauty that we couldn’t resist and keep on exploring the other waterfalls as to see what Wah Rashi has to offer us and nevertheless it din’t dissapoint us ,we stopped at the 4th fall and spend there almost 2 hours in the water and also had our lunch.It was almost  almost 2.30pm  by the time we had our food,we left for hanging bridge after the food session and the bridge  was  scary , it was shaking but the same time it was thrilling.Later we decided to go back  to the spot where all the trekkers were supposed to meet .

The 3rd waterfall

It was 4pm and by that time everyone were so tired and few of them were sleeping on the ground as we were waiting for the food which was getting cooked,whereas me and one of my friend decided to go the other side of the cliff where you get a beautiful sunset view and after reaching there ,the view was breath taking,we were so overwhelmed with the place  that we spent another hour sitting there watching the falls and sunset.We get back with our other friends and the food was ready by the time we reached there ,so we had our food at 6pm and left that place with full of  good memories by 7pm and reached the city at 10.30 pm.

Best Time to Visit- Feb-April & Aug-Oct
Camping- 300 INR per night
Warning-It is a leech paradise so be careful and  take a salt along with you ,one of my friend got caught up by a leech on her leg ,she jumped and screamed so loud that leech back off himself lol but it might not work with everyone so highly recommend to take preventive measures.

Sports Bra- Prettysecrets
Active Wear- Tesla
Running Jacket-Westwood
Running Shoe- Puma

The hanging Bridge


The Cliff
Wah-Rashi Falls
The cliff


The 4th Waterfall


The cliff


Met them on the way to cliff
Asked him to face towards the camera and smile but he was too shy.