How to stay motivated as a blogger


Motivation is like a roller coaster ride and motivation is very important in whatever you do in life. It is the only driving force behind everything you do or achieved in life, be it going to class daily, or working a 9-5 job.

Staying motivated is very critical in the life of a blogger especially when you are a mini blogger like me and still struggling to get on the league.


Here are 5 tips on how I stay motivated-

1)Set small goals

Every night before going to sleep make a list of what you are going to do the next day. Everyday try to get atleast 10 unique visitors to your blog and try to gain atleast 3 feedback (comments) in your blog, this will help in knowing your performance status.

2)Turn negative comments into positive

No doubt ! when you put yourself out there in bigger platforms such as social media where strangers are open to judge you or support you, you are equally going to expect both positive and negative comments. Negavtive comments can ruin your entire day but don’t let that affect you. If you viewed negatively, all your energy would be wasted on negative thoughts and you will not produce any positive energy. Take negative feedback as an opportunity to do things differently.


3)Read blogging/motivational quote 

Blogging quotes really help us to keep motivated. I always read success stories/quote and watch motivational videos whenever I feel demotivated.

Building a blog is like making muscles. It takes some time, concentration, motivation and devotion.”

4)Analyze your blog status 

Check your blog status after every 2 weeks and compare both the results. Visit your Google Analytic Tool from time to time and read all the performance status of your blog. Know where your traffic comes from and try to create a bond with your viewers/readers. Knowing your progress will keep you motivated.

5)Take a break

Don’t forget to take a break. Break will help you fix things better and into place. Allow yourself in real socialising rather than internet socialising. Physical environment  counts too. A bright sunlight or sipping tea on a mountain top can reduce distraction and help in aid focus. And ‘NO’ I am not talking about any intense meditation activities. Just simple ways of thinking that act as a motivational kick-starters.

Motivation comes from within, but there is no one size fit model, so you need to broaden your horizons and ideas. Obstacles are bound to happen. See each obstacles as a new opportunity to manage emotional intelligence development.


Hope this will help you keep motivated. Let me know how you stay motivated.

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Fashion events bring out huge opportunities for fashion bloggers to broaden their network. Contrary to popular belief, fashion events are not only about dressing up and showing up. You are not just there to create content for your Instagram. After attending a few events, there are certain points I would like to highlight that I personally feel everyone needs to take note of.


This one is obvious.

You are likely to meet people from different backgrounds – the designers, photographers and organisers; but what makes you stand out most in the crowd is your outfit.

  • The outfit you wear describes your personality and the more unique your outfit, the more approachable you appear.
  • And mind you, by saying unique I do not intend you to wear a ridiculously quirky outfit to a Louis Vuitton show! (That, my dear friends, would be completely inappropriate). However, a quirky style statement might work for a Gucci event. Be wise with choosing the right outfit for the right event.
  • While attending an event, many would ask you about your look, so make sure you are in a state to deliver. Invest in your outfit.


If you happen to be a fashion event virgin, take full advantage of the opportunity presented to you so as to create the best content and produce near-perfect pictures.

This can be your ticket to future fashion events.

  • YOUR OUTFIT CAN BE A GAMECHANGER. As I have already mentioned earlier, the more unique your outfit, the better. No points for guessing because as we are aware, fashion events are largely covered by the press, magazines, etc. Although getting spotted does not guarantee collaborations, but getting the press-attention can be your game-changer as a blogger.
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS  in an event are in search of new content too. Never ask to get photographed but if you happen to get snapped, be nice and don’t feel shy to ask them if they would be able to mail you the photographs. This is your baby-step to networking.
  • Try to gain inside ACCESS without appearing sneaky. You will not only  learn more about the models/designer/artistes but it will raise the weightage of the content for your blog.





This is the hardest thing to do, especially if you are an introvert like I am. But here I am, sharing with you a few simple tips on connecting with people in any event.

  • INTRODUCE yourself by your name (not your entire bio-data, though).

          Simply, your name.

          If the latter is interested in a conversation, they’ll ask.

  • NEVER ask anyone their profession or their handle. Also, NEVER assume their names to be their handles. BIG MISTAKE!
  • MAKE an effort to talk to people. You never know what’s down the road. At the same time, don’t be disheartened or take it personally if the person does not reciprocate.
  • Do FOLLOW UP with whoever you have talked to at the events you have attended to keep your  communication game strong.

I remember the first event I attended to be a total nightmare. I didn’t connect with anyone as I was conscious of all that could go wrong. In the process of harbouring self-doubt, I forgot to have some fun. Don’t be me.



I would love to know if this helped and do share your experience of the events that you have already attended or will be attending.

THANK YOU for sticking around !

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