This summer is all about Off-Shoulders and I decided to DIY an Off-Shoulder dress for myself .



-A long skirt
-Pencil /Marker
-Needle & Thread or a Sewing Machine

-Measuring Tape


1)Draw the line and cut the long skirt into 1/3 of its  length.

2)Take the lower part of the skirt which is smaller in size to make use of that as the shoulder ruffle.

3)Measure the length of your shoulder with the help of measuring tape and sew the tunnel for the  elastic  to go through the  lining of the ruffle top.

4)Even out the gathers and you’ll have a nicely gathered top  edge

5)The final step is to attached the skirt and to the bodice.

6)Lastly finish the hem of the skirt and you’re done.

Hope this helps you .
Let me know what you are thinking and drop your comment below if you have DIY any dresses or top,would love to see it.













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Wearing shirt the normal way is too mainstream, why not style it your way??

Recently I have been experimenting alot with my wardrobe and found this shirt, thinking what can be done with it and trust me, I manage to come up withso many ways but as of now, I’ll be talking only about 3 ways.

TUBING : Tubing is sexy and shirt tubing is formal sexy, when your’re at work and your boss asked you out for a dinner date but you’re running short of time to change your outfit, then don’t worry just remember on shirt tubing and you’re all set.

1)Put on your shirt without your sleeves  and button it up.
2)Take both the sleeves and tie them up in your waist.
3)Wear a choker (in case you have it in your bag) as it will add more visibility to your collarbones/Beauty Bones.
4)Lastly wear it with confident and your’re all set to lit it up.

OFF-SHOULDER : Recently off-shoulder has been a latest fashion trend and you’ll find it in every wardrobe (but honestly I don’t have even one) because I was never confident of wearing it ,whether  it will go well with my body type having a broad shoulder or not, but after experimenting on this self-made off-shoulder ,I think I need to wear it more often from now on and own more Off-Shoulders top .


1)Leave 2 to 3 buttons unbutton on the top and the rest button it up.
2)You can tugged in your shirt if you are wearing a skirt or else the length of your shirt will  be equivalent with the length of your skirt,which looks odd.
3)You can also leave it open and put a thin belt on it (like I’m wearing here) or a corset belt to make it look more
4)Wear a choker to add more chic on the outfit and it will add more visibility to your collarbone.

FOR-BACK : This is my own personal style ,one way to tone down your simple shirt is to wear it for-back .


1)Wearing the back forward and the front backward,button it up as it is but this time in your back.
1)Add any sparkling or shimmery neckpiece so it would hide the shirt’s collar and drag one’s attention towards your neckpiece.
2)Wear a belt if you are wearing a pant ,it will make you look taller.

As I have already mentioned earlier that I’ve came up with 3 styles out of which 2 one is my favourite. You can also wear shirt in the form of a shirtdress, shkirt etc. Try experimenting with your shirt and show me on how you end up styling. I would love to see it -:)

Thank you!

Choker- DIY
Shirt- Envy Me

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